My campaign for re-election focuses on three elements: Community, Experience, and Balance.


Ward One encompasses a wonderful tapestry of different neighborhoods – from the Historic District to Truxton Heights, from Bloomsbury Square to Park Place, from Acton’s Landing to Murray Hill and President’s Hill. My service is based on the core belief that we are a community who must look after each other and that we must treat all individuals with trust, respect, and dignity and ensure their voices be heard. I said that in 2013. After the upheavals and unrest that we’ve seen in other communities and nationally, our belief in each other is even more important today. I was proud to co-sponsor the City’s Equal Protection Act and continue working to ensure we uphold this standard.


My experiences and involvement in business, non-profits, and government equip me to fit into the City Council and represent your interests there.

In four years on the Council I’ve demonstrated REAL LEADERSHIP WITH REAL RESULTS. I’ve formed alliances on the Council to revise and adopt the City Dock Plan, to re-develop both the old Fawcett’s building and the old Rec Center, and to re-build the Public Works complex on Spa Road. Together we defined clear rules for Special Events, Vendors, Food Trucks, and Forest Conservation. In the last three years I led the Council in reducing Waste Collection Fees 31%. When no one else would act, I introduced legislation to find a new tenant for the Market House and move City Employees out of Hillman Garage. Throughout I’ve shepherded updates to Residential Parking Districts, obtained Parking Passes for Bloomsbury Square, re-established the Parking Circulator and represented Ward One’s multiple interests to the City’s Parking Contractor. My record shows that I listen to you and am willing to do the hard work required to get the results you need out of City government.


One of my strengths is to bring a balanced approach to my work on the City Council. Our residents are involved in our community and many offer differing points of view on subjects. In Council chambers we often face with decisions that pit the needs of one ward against others. Balance is required. There is no magic here, only hard work and dedication to the principal that it is my duty to listen to everyone, to seek out facts that may be pertinent, and to consider multiple points of view in order to represent you.